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Winter Approved Skincare

Updated: Mar 8, 2020


Skincare is important all year round but for me, I have to do the most around the Fall and Winter seasons. Due to the facts that my skin dries out especially and gets really textures, I have to exfoliate often. Most times, I have to exfoliate at least 4 times a week. I prefer to do my most drastic skincare routines at night when the body does it's recovery process during sleep. I've seen more improvement in my skin doing it that way.

Im going to post my favorites skincare products and what I use them for. if you're in the market for good skincare please give these a try.

This brush and facial charcoal detox cleaner are from Michael Todd. Definitely on of my favorite skincare and cosmetic brands. I love this brush because its gives my skin an overall clean feel and its great for exfoliation. To check out more of their products click link https://www.instagram.com/michaeltoddbeauty/

Now this mask is one of the best mud mask that I have EVER tried. I was actually having allergic reaction from an exfoliation sponge that I tried and it broke my face and my body out (my face suffered more). I had to think quick because I had a campaign to promote and I had to d my makeup ASAP. So, I applied this mask and as soon as I started applying this mask to my face, The itching, irritation, and bumps on my face automatically started to calm down and disappear. I now use this mask to combat hormonal acne and booooooooy has it worked wonders. Please check this brand out.


Let me stress one thing, EXFOLIATION is one of the most important steps in my skincare routine for me to maintain healthy smooth skin and a flawless makeup application. Here you'll see me holding the

Sonic Facial Exfoliation Hair Removal system, or n other words, a vibrating dermaplan razor.

I would usually suggestion getting a service like this professionally done but the beauty of this AT HOME tool is just that, for use AT HOME. Which means anyone can use it.

Dermaplaning removes the layers of dead skin and hair on your face and leaves you with a fresh, glowing, smooth skin.


Pixi Beauty is one of my absolute FAVORITE skincare and beauty brands. With products ranging from the best exfoliation scrubs to the prettiest liquid glitter shadows. The line up you see (yes, even the Derma E cleanser) is my current skin care routine (outside of my occasional acne breakouts). This complete line of vitamin C products has significantly helped to brighten and even out my skin tone.

I use the Derma E cleanser to remove stubborn makeup from my eye area because its really gentle.

I use this Mettalusso Vegan makeup remover spray to remove the rest of my makeup before continuing with my skincare routine.

Honestly, this vegan spray is pretty bomb. The way it breaks down and melts away your makeup makes removing it effortless and gentle.

Last but least, my skincare combo for those occasional/hormonal breakouts (as if I'm not too old to still deal with acne (inserts eye rolling emoji*):

This combination of products, cleanses and treats my acne and the Boscia chemical peel helps brighten scars. Also, the Derma E scar gel is literally one of the best on the market PLEEEAAAASSSSSE do yourself favor and invest in some.

I hope my "HAPPY SKIN HOW-TO" helps you all in the search for good skin care.

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Stay tune for my next post covering my favorite products for the perfect nude beat.


Ameerah aka

Jolie Luxe

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