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Lingerie but Make it Fashion

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This year I've been given the opportunity to model for multiple brands.

One in particular was Rebel Mama Co. I really liked this piece. I mean honestly what woman doesnt love silk and lace (pic below):

Out of all the brands, my favorite brand so far was Oh Lala Cheri.

They offer all types of beautiful and sexy pieces. From robes, and pajamas, to teddies, 2 and 3 piece sets and silk night gowns.

I really enjoyed their " How do you make lingerie outer wear" campaign. (pics below)


Side note: The pasties that I am wearing under the navy blue body suit is an adhesive bra from Brassy Bra. Its really easy to apply and remove. It comes in multiple colors (neutral and skintone) and they come with nipple covers.

For outfit details go to my IG: www.instagram.com/jolie_luxe

This blog post is extra short y'all I just wanted to show some of my favorite campaigns and details on each piece. I'll list site links for each brand. And for any of you purchasing for a special someone, or just someone that can make lingerie look like bomb outer wear.......it is the season of gifting be sure to grab them a piece or two lol.

Site links:



Ill be adding some of these to my next blog for gifts for her ideas.



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